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It all began in Paris summer 2017.

After receiving news that the process of my permanent residency in the United States was delayed, I had to go back to France and leave behind my life and my art.

Uncertainty was making the wait almost unbearable.


First I took it as an opportunity to reconnect with my roots and all the many wonders that the city offers.

To honor local customs, I also participated in the national sport : coffee time.

This 'sport' consists in spending hours alone or accompanied while sipping coffee, debating on the meaning of life, or simply reflecting on the colors unfolding before our eyes.

But idleness doesn't make up for the boost that accompanies creativity.

I started to feel an urge to create and the immigration office was still silent.

Painting became an obsession.


Buying everything on the spot was out of my budget, I had to find an alternative.

Salvation came in the shape of a drop of coffee on a paper mat, and an eagerness to play with it with my spoon.

I've always love coffee, its taste, its aroma, the contrast between its strength and its lightness and most of all its ability to keep me awake during a long night of creation.

The nectar was displaying a golden brown color that would naturally reveal its shades when dried.

It stroke me then; I got a paintbrush and a paper bloc and started ordering two expressos : one for me and one for my art.


The Coffee Time collection was born.

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